Web Analytics and SEO

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Web Analytics and SEO

By Jose Nuñez

As an SEM Specialist, I must understand the different algorithms search engines use in their work. I also need to have an understanding of how my client’s target audience searches these engines.

Analytical tools and their test results offer the most valuable information about visitors searching and browsing behavior. The resulting traffic changes and most frequent keyword phrases that appear in these web analytics reports are the Site Catalyst of any SEO campaign.

This helps one understand the information retrieval algorithms and heuristics process that takes place when search engines qualify a web page for a particular keyword phrase. That is why in order for a web page to be considered relevant, its content organization must accommodate a wide variety of direct and semi-direct search behavior, which is mostly disclosed by its own metrics, in a given time period.

Part of the important information web analysis provides is the amount of words and phrases people type into search queries to find a particular web page, and it is equally important to include this information in order to receive targeted search engine traffic. That is just one of the aspects in the existing relation between web analytics and SEO: understanding how visitors search and browse websites.

In a similar fashion, search engine generated traffic is reported by a web analytics tool, including the phrases entered into the search engine that were used to find a website. By separating the paid traffic generated by SEM from the total traffic that was referred by search engines, you can monitor the effectiveness of SEO efforts. Higher-end analytic tools break out organic search engines into a separate report.

Another area where this statistical data is used for SEO benefits is in copywriting. Understanding how to write for the target audience of a website is key. Finding the right terms to use semantically within the copy of a web page is one of the main components of all successful SEO efforts. A SEM should always consider what each web page communicates to site visitors and search engines. This content should not only help achieve top search engine rankings, but it should also encourage searchers to visit the website.

To improve positioning on search engine results pages, you need to be able to measure effectiveness. These tools make measuring your improvement on search engines easy, but it is really important to know is if the improvement affects traffic and sales. By monitoring and tracking this information frequently, a SEO can make recommendations, prove these recommendations work, and accurately report on the true effectiveness of these changes. Web analytic helps shorten the gap between what you think your visitors are searching for, and what they actually are.


Article Submission Versus Hosted Marketing Pages: An Internet Marketing Comparison

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Article Submission Versus Hosted Marketing Pages: An Internet Marketing Comparison

The quest for high search engine rankings (and the traffic that comes along with them) has spawned some new search engine optimization techniques of late, two of them being article submission and hosted marketing pages. Although these techniques are similar in appearance, each has advantages and disadvantages. Before we delve into the heart of the issue, a couple of definitions are in order for newcomers to the internet marketing realm.

Submitting articles requires quite a bit of unpleasant work. First you have to be an expert about your chosen subject (or have the ability to fool others into believing you’re an expert). Next you must be able to write about your subject in at least a coherent manner. Then you must find article directories in which to submit your work, giving them and any possible viewers the authority to freely copy and distribute your creation.

A hosted marketing page is a cross between purchasing a one way link from a website and submitting an article to a directory. The website in question allows you to purchase a complete page from their site along with a professionally written article that has multiple one-way links to your site.

The main advantages to both techniques are the SEO-friendly links. Whether you submit your article to a directory or purchase a hosted marketing page, you will get one-way links pointing to your site. Because search engines love one-way links, your website will undoubtedly receive a boost in your search engine ranking. But, the biggest boost will come from links using keywords relevant to your site coming from pages written about a subject relevant to your site.

Here’s something you should remember. In most cases, a hosted marketing page text link from a relevant, high PR website will be much more important to the search engines than a text link from a posted article in a directory. But, if you’re a talented enough author to have your writing approved, it may show up in several directories as well as multiple authority sites. This influx of links could potentially outweigh the few links from a single hosted marketing page.

The disadvantages are pretty obvious. Writing and submitting articles, although free, can consume a considerable amount of time, especially if you are not comfortable writing professionally. On the other hand, purchasing a professionally written hosted marketing page can be very expensive. You should be prepared to shell out anywhere from fifty dollars to several hundred dollars per month, depending on the popularity of the site.

Here’s the bottom line. If you have little time, little writing skill, and a large marketing budget, hosting marketing pages would be most beneficial to you. However, if you have some free time, some copywriting experience, and little to no advertising dollars, writing and submitting articles to article directories would be most beneficial to you.

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Learn How To Maximize SEO With These Valuable Tips

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Learn How To Maximize SEO With These Valuable Tips

For a great number of people search engine optimization doesn’t come naturally; therefore, extra guidance is needed. This is very common as SEO involves a great number of tasks if you want to ensure that you are getting the best benefit from the practice. Regardless of your business and the niche you are following, you want tips like these at your disposal to get your optimization on the right track.

SEO is a way to make money on line. This is a great way to get people to see your site and click on it. The search engines will rank the content that is on your site and place your web address in the order it chooses. There are several things that affect this, and search engine optimization is one of them.

You may be looking to optimize your site to cover every contingency, but you would do better to focus on a smaller, manageable number of keywords, and claim the top search spots, then to overextend yourself and try to conquer too much search territory. Pick five to ten keywords, do your homework, and then optimize your pages with that focused set of words in mind.

Use correct HTML code for your website! There are many free HTML code validators available online, so make use of them! Broken code can cause a spider to stop indexing your page, or even your entire website. Your SEO won’t matter if there are no search engine spiders to see it!

To get the best SEO ranking, it’s important to write quality copy. Excellent copywriting is at the core of search engine optimization. It typically generates more visitors and attracts more inbound linking. Plus, the search engines, especially Google, have ways of determining how well a story is written and how useful it is, both of which are weighed in search engine ranking.

Once your website is Search Engine Optimized (SEO), you also need to work on your off-site SEO. Maximize the number of good websites (not pages of links, or “spam” websites) linking to your website from content-rich pages. The better the site which is linking to you, the more “link juice” you will receive in return, boosting your Google Page Rank.

Search Engine Optimization emphasizes quality links from outside sites. A lot of those links will come naturally when web users find your site and recognize its value. Others can be obtained by approaching other website owners, blogger, and the like and requesting to be linked. All they can do is say no!

Search engine optimization may not be very simple to start with, but as you get the experience you need, you will find that it is not only beneficial, but a great way to market your business online for a low cost and even by yourself. If you want to take it on as a do-it-yourself task or if you are looking for the right professional for certain tasks, make sure you start with these search engine optimization tips.

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Article Writing Basics – How To Make this Lucrative Business Work

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Article Writing Basics – How To Make this Lucrative Business Work

There is tremendous demand for quality articles on the Internet and in the brick and mortar world. An individual who is interested in making headway in the arena of 21st century article writing needs to fully understand the article writing basics. Through this article, you are presented with some of the article writing basics that are most important to success in the copywriting field today.

Like many people, you may be looking for an online business that will prove profitable for you. In this day and age, one of the most lucrative and profitable types of online businesses that you can engage in is article writing. Through this article, you are provided with an overview of how people have found success in article writing online today.

First of all, an online article writing businesses relatively inexpensive to start. In fact, you really don’t need any money at all to start your own online article writing business. You can begin the process by developing your own simple website.

Another immediate step that you can take to start developing your own online article writing business is to sign up at a freelance website. Many individuals have begun profitable online writing businesses by garnering work through freelance websites.

In addition to being inexpensive to start an online article writing business, you can maintain and build your online writing business without having major overhead. In fact, through referrals and recommendations, you can grow your client base with relative ease and no expense.

In time, as you continue to focus on your article writing efforts, you can develop an expertise in particular areas. As you develop your expertise, you’ll be able to attract even more clients.

Finally, when it comes to article writing basics, focus is also of paramount import. One of the most common complaints in regard to articles that are written is that they simply do not stay on point. A write rambles away from the topic at hand and brings in extraneous material that is neither relevant nor appropriate. Proper article writing demands that a writer stay focused and absolutely stay on topic at all times.

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How To Multiply Your Conversion Sales Without Any Work Today

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How To Multiply Your Conversion Sales Without Any Work Today

When you’re learning about something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article about sales copy should help you focus on the central points.

Do you actually know that your sales can be multiplied by two, three or even ten times than it is currently? There are many ways to “beautify” you sales copy for higher conversions. Sometimes, one minor change can inflict a significant impact while other times, multiple changes will only bear little or even no results.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to tell until you run a test for your conversions personally. Before you apply various changes, it’s best that you carefully review each of these 7 steps and most importantly, apply them.

1. Make your site pleasing to the eyes.
As website design gets better and better, people focus on giving the website more flashy looks, have all sorts of multimedia and colors all over the website. Well if that is a community website it might work, and even bring in tons and tons of people to visit the site frequently.

Nevertheless, what you have is a sales copy. The best direct sales copy is to have only one page. Don’t question why, but a sales copy with 1 page does 10 times better than the one with more, it’s that big of a difference. Keep the background white so people focus on your words. It’s all about the words that you define if the sales copy pulls in 5 sales, 50 sales, or 500 sales.

2. Have your sales copy attractive and enticing.
You can boost your sales copy along the way with tons and tons of copywriting strategies. But the basic ones: always mention the benefits heavily. Pile the benefits, one after another, giving the visitors no chance to have their eyes lifted of.

That’s the most important secret of copywriting, to have your visitors glued to what you have to say, right to the end until the order button. If they sense that they have been glued to what you have to say, it must be something worthy to buy, that’s all.

There are several other strategies, to name some: have your most ultimate benefits on the front of your copy, reveal your benefits in priority – get it to your headline, write a good story, and get the visitors excited to read another sentence, over and over again, much, much more.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of salescopy. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

3. Give your offer a boost.
Basically, you want to give an offer that represents terrific value for your target audience. Instead of dropping your price, you should raise the value of it. Add many more attractive and targeted offers that goes along with your main product, that gives people the feel of, “wow, I don’t need to go further for these stuff because someone even prepared it for me Free,” and it solves the worry of doing more work.

People are born naturally with laziness – we want to do everything as quick as possible and would even pay more money to get something solved. Use these little affections in life in your sales copy – it’s how a great sales copy is put together.

4. Have your sales copy easy to be read, digested, and understood.
Did you notice that when you see sales copy that are long and bundled up, you leave it because you’re not interested to continue reading further? It somehow links together with human’s nature of laziness, people just don’t want to read long passages. In short, modify lengthy sentences into small segments, and break them up into small paragraphs.

You can forget the correct use of grammar. As long as you spell words correctly and keep them personalized, it’ll be good. Bold, underline, and italicize, or highlight your sales copy, make certain benefits stand out, powering up everything you can.

5. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoe
If you’re not carried away with your own sales copy, your visitors’ wouldn’t be as well. Load your web pages, see what catches your eyes, see what doesn’t, and improve more and more.

Make sure your web page loads fast, people are usually impatient and will not be satisfied if they need to wait for a long time.

So check out your sales copy today, and apply these strategies down. If done correctly, voila, you’ve got increased conversion in sales, and that means more money rushing into the bank!

You can’t predict when knowing something extra about salescopy will come in handy. If you learned anything new about salescopy in this article, you should file the article where you can find it again.

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Protect Your Niche When Outsourcing

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Protect Your Niche When Outsourcing

In the world of Internet niche marketing, the greatest asset is often the chosen niche. Many marketers spend a great deal of time, energy and resources selecting a niche which they believe is going to be profitable. There are certainly no guarantees a particular niche will be profitable but there are certain strategies for choosing a niche that has a high probability of success.

One popular strategy for selecting a niche involves employing a principle similar to the concept of supply and demand. Statistical information supplied by search engines is used to determine the popularity of certain search terms. This information is significant because terms which are being searched frequently are terms which have a large audience of Internet users looking for more information on the niche subject. These are terms which are in high demand. From this statistical information you can build a list of potential niches. Once this list is compiled, it is time to begin researching the competition in each of these niches. Ideally the niche you select will be one which has a large audience and not much competition. These are niches which are in low supply.

Choose the Type of Work You Outsource Carefully

One way to protect your niche is to be selective about the type of work you outsource to others. Many Internet niche marketers are comfortable outsourcing their copywriting and their website design. However, they are more protective about outsourcing tasks such as marketing, niche selection and keyword development. This is because although copywriting and website design both involve optimization for keywords the strategies for doing so are readily available on the Internet. However, many marketers have specific methods for marketing and developing a niche and keywords and are not willing to outsource this work because it will likely involve sharing secret strategies.

Share Keywords via Email

Developing related keywords for the niche is a very important part of the success of an Internet niche marketing campaign. Keywords are absolutely critical and conventional wisdom holds that an extensive list of keywords should be developed for a particular niche to be successful. Some in the industry recommend developing approximately 200 keywords for each niche.

There is a great amount of effort put into the process of selecting keywords and those who are savvy do not want to make it possible for others to find their list of keywords on the Internet. Including a list of keywords on an advertisement seeking a copywriter or website designer will be searchable by others in the industry. For this reason it is not wise to post keyword lists where others have free access to the keywords. This may sound overly paranoid but it is commonly known that Internet marketers often make the mistake of posting their keywords on job boards and those who are interested in harvesting these keywords visit these websites frequently to gather information. Transmitting the keywords through a protected email account or via telephone is a better way to protect the work you have put into developing your niche.

Use a Non Disclosure Agreement

Finally, a non disclosure agreement (NDA) is one way for the marketer to protect his niche when he is outsourcing. An NDA is essentially a document specifying the rights of the employer and employee in regard to sensitive materials. The NDA can be drafted to include any terms the client sees fit. Some example of the restrictions the contractor may agree to by signing an NDA are:

* A definition of which materials are sensitive
* Restrictions on how materials can be transmitted
* A stipulation precluding the contractor from competing in the niche during a given time period
* A duration of time for which the contract is binding

In protecting a niche market the above terms can be used when outsourcing. The client may specify the sensitive materials to be the niche and the related keywords as well as any information regarding marketing strategy. The client may limit the methods in which the sensitive materials can be transmitted to secure emails and telephone conversations. The duration of time for which the contract is binding is up to the client. Common timeframes include the duration of the project or a set number of days, weeks, months or years. In niche marketing a timeframe of at least one year after the project is completed is recommended to prevent the contractors from entering the same niche immediately after the project ends.


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7 Pointers about Web Design

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7 Pointers about Web Design

In order to master the art of web design, designers must follow the subsequent pointers:

1. Web designers are marketers per se. Web sites are all about advertising products, ideas and services. Thus, a web designer has to understand the mindset of marketers in order to create a design that sell.

2. Read, read and read. We do not experience everything. Thus, our tendency is to learn from others. Reading web design books, newsletters and tips are pretty valuable since they can save you time and effort. Basically, books are more conclusive than newsletters and tips however, they are for free and mostly updated.

3. Narrow down your target market. You cannot please everybody same thing that you cannot be good at everything. Thus, this fact calls for the narrowing of your target market. Even in the interface of the so-called web design, a designer cannot claim that he is an expert at anything or everything about the needs of a website. It is better to pick a certain audience and try to be good at catching their attention, preference and choice. This practice allows you to be best at a given area thus developing expertise.

4. Answer your target audience’s needs. In order to answer the visitor’s needs, web designers must know what kind of visitors his site is welcoming. Do they belong to the younger generation or otherwise? What do they want from your site? Are these information, details and pleasures in your site in order to get their undivided attention and loyalty? Bear in mind that colors, font size, style of graphics, contents and the entirety of the site affects viewer’s decision and choice.

5. Know the basics of SEO and copywriting. Though Search Engine Optimization and copywriting are not directly related to designing, still, designers must have basic knowledge about them. This is because web designing is intertwined with marketing, use of keywords and visibility.

Aside from that, designers must also have knowledge of the programming basics. If not, the tendency is waste time or to create a mediocre or unsatisfactory design to the detriment of the sites.

6. The primacy of functionality. If ever you are faced to make a decision between a web site’s aesthetic form and its functionality, you have to be firm in upholding the latter. Not everything that is pretty is ‘saleable’. Besides, you don’t create web sites for the sake of making it nice-looking.

Above anything else, the site must be functional so as to cater to every visitor’s wants and needs. Appearance is a means to catch visitor’s attention nevertheless, it is not the end. If a designer prioritizes appearance alone without considering its primary consideration the web site’s marketability will suffer.

7. Know when to break the rules. Rules are only guidelines, if you feel that the rules are inappropriate for a certain creation follow your heart’s desire and venture on an experimental adventure.

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Affordable SEO Services That Works

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Affordable SEO Services That Works

In our world today, everything relies on the power of computers. Everything is being managed and governed by computers. All aspects of life concern things that are related to the cyber world.

One of things that the computers or the cyber world provide is the internet. The internet is a vast thing that offers variety of services. In the internet you can find all that you needs.

Since the internet is the most likely that administers every thing that exist in this world, all companies and people that provide services and products uses the internet for their marketing, sales, promotion and other aspects of business and life.

Since the internet is used for different purposes, the SEO industry has grown vastly; many SEO companies arise and offer different SEO services.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is designing web site so that search engines easily finds the pages and index them. The goal of SEO is to make a page be in the top ten result of a search. The term also refers to an industry of consultants that carry out optimization projects on behalf of the client’s sites.

Optimization includes the choice of words used in the text paragraphs and the placement of those words on the page, both visible and hidden. SEO is primarily concerned in the improvement of the visibility of a site organic search results.

In the economic status of today, people are looking for things that are affordable so as to SEO services. It is always wanted to have affordable web design, higher search engine ranking. People always want things that are affordable.

There are many web providers that offer affordable SEO services and internet marketing solutions to people and companies aiming to improve their on line presence through the search engine ranking. With millions of people using internet turning to search engines every day in order to find products and services and information, companies can’t afford not to be found by internet users and surfers.

SEO aims of targeting traffic coming in from search engines to websites and increase the online market share. Many companies specialize in providing affordable SEO services and internet marketing solutions that bring results.

Most search engines and directories are among the most effective and affordable internet marketing solutions in acquiring new web site visitors. Most of the affordable SEO services involve skills of SEO experts and up to date search engine information.

Affordable SEO services are being offered to target markets and sales for the SEO companies. It should be adapted to many specific cases. All affordable SEO service and internet marketing solutions are flexible and respond to various marketing needs.

Many SEO companies offer global approach to SEO strategy in a very affordable price through different steps. These steps are:

1. Website analysis and research.
2. Keyword analysis.
3. Positioning and strategy development.
4. On page search engine optimization and copywriting.
5. Link popularity development.
6. Search engine submission and advertising
7. Website ranking analysis and;
8. SEO and copywriting level 2.

In choosing companies that offer affordable SEO services, choose those that work closely with the clients to develop custom solutions promoting their business on line, those that are experts in geo targeting. Also choose those that focus on lead conversion, companies that take good care of targeting markets that corresponds to the audience. Choose those that provide the best returns to your investment.

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Learn how to put your ideas into motion in order to earn you a recurring income. Having your own membership site gives that opportunity. Selling content on-line has taken a turn from free to pay-for-content and is moving fast.

Membership Websites offer exclusive articles, information, and service. Your membership website protects you and your products, by using a password-protected area to access the information. Password protected sales have gone through the roof. Having a membership website is a new wave of private sales via the Internet.

Navigating this website is open and bright. Finding the recommended services is center page. The search engines recommend, to optimize your system, including “the pick of the month” CUSTOMER MAGNETISM” which offers an effective one-way link to building full service pay-per click management. Another search engine recommended is” ARTWORKS.BIZ”. This organic engine creates a natural link building social media optimization, copywriting and more. In the search engine optimizing world this program ranks #5 by the TopSEOs.com

The other recommended services include banner impressions. This uses E-bridge marketing for optimum, banner ad placements. E-mail marketing, uses E-bridge marketing solutions to target your website market guaranteed traffic with the right SEO software, includes DEVSTART INC. promotion World. This is the top ranked site on Google, Yahoo, and MSN due to the Search Engine Optimization tools.

Pay-per click is a full service pay-per-click management of Google, Yahoo, and MSN, doing research strategic bidding, budget-spending limits, and conversion tracking monthly reports, and so forth. Internet marketing drives traffic to your website through improved search engines rankings, press releases, article submissions, relevant directory submissions, and SEO copywriting and pay-per-click management.

Affiliate marketing

The affiliates programs are getting popular. They have a high commission rate and can create great sales in different products and services. There are very few costs, and what costs there are can be passed onto those doing the sales. In some cases, commissions can be as high as 75% of the sale. Another reason is the easy sell. The demand for information and easy access to this information has risen with the new internet era. People that provide information in an easy and condensed form that saves time and money for the consumer are ahead of the game. The market is so vast for up to date information that there is really no bad side. INFO-PRODUCTS can be so many different things. Look into what your affiliate likes and sell that, example if you love pets then sell pet related information. If you like gardening then sell information on the garden of your choice. They are also easily combined. One affiliates product may touch base on what your do and this creates multiple income streams. Selling with intertwined topics or adding on a physical product or other products and services can generate a great mass of sales. Creating multiple streams in today’s cyber-space is very important; the info-products are easy add-ons for a boost in income you are already making.

Among the free promotional tools PROMOTION WORLD is offering, is the Google keyword ranking. This tool allows you to track website placements in keyword searches. Using it is easy, join the free DEVStart account and get your account and start entering keywords and Google will do the rest. Yahoo keyword ranking gets you information on your web sites of the keyword positioning. It allows easy access to your information to check positions in yahoo for selected key words, and stores it as daily, weekly, and monthly. MSN keyword rankin, gets you the most up to date information by using the keywords on MSN search and also creates the data needed on your web site for use of keywords on a daily, weekly and / or monthly report.


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The Bible – The Source Of All Copywriting Secrets

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The Bible – The Source Of All Copywriting Secrets

I’ve been a student of the Bible for practically all my life. There is a lot of reason why this book remains the number one best-seller year after year. I think that it is the source of ALL wisdom, yes, including successful copywriting!

What do I mean by this?

Simply put, every copywriting strategy can be found FIRST in the Bible. This may appear to be a strong statement but I challenge the reader to prove otherwise. As I did the research for my latest ebook “77 Ways to Skyrocket Your Website’s Conversion”, I kept saying to myself “but that’s in the Bible … that’s in the Bible.”

I would like to take a look at FIVE copywriting principles and show you that they are as old as the Scriptures. This article is not meant to ‘convert’ you so read with an open mind … ready? Let’s go!

1. Stress benefits not features.

It’s the Garden of Eden. The serpent approaches the woman Eve to get her to take of the forbidden fruit. Does he rave about the color, taste and texture of the fruit? No, he sells Eve on benefits. “Your eyes will be opened, you will be like God …” (Genesis 3:4). Now that’s a benefit, not a feature at all. And did Eve fall for it? She surely did.

That may seem like a ‘negative’ example – a plain deception. But look at what the book of Revelation promises the “overcomer”. Eternal life, health, recognition, wealth and mansions without mortgages.

2. Use lots of testimonials.

If you have just a cursory knowledge of the Bible you know that the gospels of Matthew, Mark Luke and John make up the first four books of the New Testament. They all cover the same ground and share many common stories. So why would we need four different people saying practically the same thing?

You see they all wanted to tell THEIR story about the Rabbi Jesus Christ. So the writers (all satisfied customers) relate the life-changing encounter they each had – the more testimonies the better.

The entire Bible relates stories of peoples encounter with the supernatural and how it affected their lives. In fact, Jesus related to the disciples after His miraculous resurrection that all the Old Testament was really about Him.

3. “Create a damaging admission and address flaws openly”

That’s the title to chapter 3 of the master copywriter Dan Kennedy’s book “The Ultimate Sales Letter”. He goes on to explain that if you openly admit the drawbacks of your offer then your credibility goes up instantly with the customer. For example, your price may be higher than your competitors so you may say: “If you are looking to save a few bucks then you can find many other companies who will be willing to give you some ‘quick fixes’. But we provide a very thorough and expert service, hence the higher price”

You are admitting that you are expensive but showing why – the customer gets a superior service.

In the gospels we see many potential disciples who wanted to follow Jesus and he told them openly that it was a sacrificial walk. He told them in no uncertain terms that it involved a “cross”, leaving father and mother behind, even possible death – but you will gain eternal life in the process. Talk about a “damaging admission.

4. Place a limit on your offer to motivate procrastinators.

This is a very important element of the “call to action” section of any sales letter. Humans are naturally procrastinators. We always put off what should be done now for a ‘later’ that never arrives. That is why the copywriter must show that supplies are limited or the special offer is for a ‘limited time only’.

In many ‘call to action’ sections of the Bible we see the same warning to procrastinators. “Today if you hear my voice do not harden your heart ..” (Hebrews 3:7). In the story of the great flood procrastinators were found outside the ark. Jesus told the story of the covetous farmer who built bigger barns to store his grains not knowing that death would come knocking on his door that very night.

Jesus never sent one of his listeners to go away and think about it. Today … now, was the only time that anyone had. His message was “ACT NOW!”

5. Research your potential customers to know their problems and needs.

Dan Kennedy refers to this as “getting into the customer”. Getting into the head and experiences of the customer -walk in his moccasins.

The whole Christmas story is about Jesus getting into the skin – literally – of the customer. The writer of Hebrews says that Jesus is touched by our feelings and infirmities. He became like one of us so that He may understand “the customer” better. That is why he could speak to the needs of the human heart with such authority because he knows what is in man.

I’ve just briefly looked at 5 copywriting principles but this applies across the board. Whether you accept the Bible as just another book or as inspired writings, there is no denying that the principles are there.

I would love to hear from the reader if he or she would like to challenge me on finding a useful copywriting principle that’s not in the Bible.

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SEO Firms: Help For Businessmen’s Online

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SEO Firms: Help For Businessmen’s Online

Probably the most efficient way to advertise is trough the net! You will need no more other but these SEO experts. There are plenty of search engine firms each promising the best for you, it is most appropriate that you choose the best and most well known.

Search Engines Optimizing Firms are companies responsible in the advertisement and announcement made through the net. Their priority is to help businessmen aid their way to success, using nice captions and more to catch the attention of people.

Generally speaking, once Search Engines Optimization Firms optimizes a website, the dividends in traffic may be from moderate to enormous. If the site is designed properly, it will then convert most of its traffic to sales. SEO firms are an expert search engine optimization service company can indeed help you reach the top!

Aside from hiring these SEO companies, there are other effective means of marketing a business that owners can take, but only search engines optimization offers a continual return of investment far after the initial dollars are plunked down. Take note, some sites actually get 80-90 percent of their traffic only after using the SEO firms placement services.

In case your company is into the technical data, SEO Firm can aid you to get into the nuts and bolts of being top ranking as well.

SEO firms are experts on how to write proper meta tags, keyword-rich text and achieve link popularity and reputation.

SEO firms also provide the necessary and needed expert tools and SEO services for your site to rank well with search engine spiders and robots.

The main aim of SEO firms is SEO services. They offer services that will not only make your website appear on search engines but also be on the top rank as well.

SEO services includes free SE ranking report, analyzing log files, website analysis, keyword research, web usability, creating meta tags, SEO copywriting, link building, methods of measuring success, consulting services and SEO Onsite Training.

Search Engines ranking Reports are used to see where your site stacks up in the SE’s for the Website in progress main keywords. This will indeed serve as the starting point before optimization.

Another is analyzing log files, by doing this, SEO firm can determine where traffic is currently coming from and how much traffic you received. This is indeed the basis before doing optimization.

Another service of these firms is the complete website analysis. They will analyze the basic usability of your web from visitors. It is best that you subscribe to these firms to assure you of your business success!

To add is the keyword research; they identify potential keywords and competition in regard for such keyword. The three key for keyword research are; popularity, competition and convertibility.

Another service of SEO firms is the web usability. Also is they create meta tags, they will create relevant and eye catching title for your web to attract and gain people.

SEO copywriting is also one of their services; they know specifically how to write keyword-rich, content rich text.

Another is the link-building campaign; this includes finding relevant, quality sites for exchanges.

These SEO firms are a great help for businessmen in particular. Through this, they will not only be limited to advertising within their locale, rather, they will be well known anywhere.

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The Secrets Of How To Make Money The Quick And Easy Way Revealed

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The Secrets Of How To Make Money The Quick And Easy Way Revealed

Know all about what it takes on how to make money the quick and easy way. We share with you details that no one else will!

Have you always wondered why some people seem to make money all the time while you struggle it out? Well, now you can learn all about the secrets of how to make money in a very short time span!

Fashion designing

If you love clothes and designing them by yourself, then fashion designing might just be the job for you! You could start your own website where you propagate your services online. Once you gain more experience and popularity, you can easily make at least a five figure income each month. If you have always been curious on how to make money then fashion designing is one of the best professions to make it big online. It would help if you had some prior qualification on fashion designing. However, even if you don’t it doesn’t matter because if your work is good, it will speak for itself. Once you start gaining more clients you can know how to make money easily and quickly.


If you love writing and creating fantastic advertising copy, then copywriting can be just the job for you. It is one of the best ways to learn how to make money very quickly online. Nowadays most companies are on the lookout for people who can write good quality ad copy for all their marketing and sales campaigns. If you are able to write clear, crisp and concise copy which grabs the attention of the reader, then copywriting can be a rewarding profession. What’s more you can be in the comfort of your own home and still enjoy substantial income each month! Thus copywriting represents one of the best ways on knowing how to make money online.

Freelance photography

Have you always loved clicking away on your camera? Do you love to shoot wildlife or wedding pictures? If so, you might just be on a journey to learning how to make money easily online. Today photographers are much in demand – thanks to the vast number of events that keep occurring on a daily basis. So whether it’s journalism, or advertising, fashion or weddings – you’ll find that good quality photography is needed for almost every industry. If you are an experienced photographer who wants to know how to make money easily, then this profession can be a great experience for you. Not only will you achieve great job satisfaction (since it’s something you enjoy doing) it will earn you good income each month as well!

Interior décor

Have you always wanted to do up rooms and interiors? Do you have an eye for detail? If so, interior decoration can be a great profession for you. Not just that, with interior decorating you can easily know how to make money in a very short duration of time.

If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to visit the link attached. You will definitely be satisfied with what you can get from there.

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Good Articles Recommend Top Rank by SEO

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Good Articles Recommend Top Rank by SEO

After doing SEO fake inscription, you require identifying your theme substance. People with search engines are looking for in sequence. Does some research concerning your creation or examine previous to you instigate. Make several comments. Which generate a pleasurable and educational commentary but it is palpable that you don’t know what you are talking about, this will revolve readers off keep in mind, and readers are credible customers. You are also need to investigate your keywords when secret language SEO articles. The majority frequently searched keywords may not be the most excellent, as a lot of extra webmasters will be use the identical ones. You may desire to try use a less commonly searched but more embattled keyword or phrase to draw higher excellence travel to your website. One major drawback of SEO copywriting is overusing keywords. You do require a convinced keyword compactness to draw the concentration of search engines, but you do not desire to use the identical one too numerous era. A superior rule of thumb is to utilize your keyword concerning one time every one hundred words. You should as well feel concerning encompass a little less important keywords, and functioning them into the remains of your commentary as glowing. Which compose sure you work them into the transcript in an ordinary approach. An article that is perceptibly no more than an urn for keywords can be a intersection for the person who reads. Finally, while you include printed your commentary, proofread and spell-check it. Your article ought to not surround enchantment or syntax errors. Many readers will consider sloppy writing to be a sign of laziness, and possibly of incompetence. Remember, the purpose of SEO copywriting is to attract visitors to your website who will hopefully turn into customers for your business. The last thing you want to do is give your readers a negative impression of your product or service by encompassing scruffily on paper critique on your website.

There as further to writing SEO commentary than by means of keywords. The commentary ought to be well-crafted and enlightening as glowing. Work your keywords into the editorial in an approach that is expected, and do not overeat them. An article can be entirely search engine optimized, but if it is not understandable, it will do you no first-class. Keep in mind, your target audience is the person who reads, not the search engine.

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Profiting With Resale Rights Products

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Profiting With Resale Rights Products

You can use resale rights to find a way to charge more for your own info product. One
way that you can do this quickly and easily is to include other, complimentary products
with your info product, to form a complete package. This way, you are not just selling an
info product, but rather, a complete course!

Most resale rights products come with their own pre-made websites. Although this may
sound good to beginners, it has one drawback. Everyone is trying to promote the product
using the same website! So, be a little different. You have 2 choices here. You can either
create your own website for the product (more on this later), or, try to locate products that
do NOT have websites created for them AND do not normally come with resale rights.
Your product will stand out because it is not selling the same thing as all of the other sites.

You can also use resale rights to bring new life to an old product. Simply contact the
authors and ask if you can use excerpts from their product in your own. For example, you
could find 5 products on copywriting. Contact the authors and tell them that you are
working on a new book on copywriting. You want to credit them as an expert in the field
and use a portion of their work. They will probably be more than happy to allow you to do
this. Most resale rights products are considered “old” after about 3 to 6 months of being
sold with rights, so this should give you plenty of products to choose from.

Need a few more ideas?

How about this … Sell your own info product that you created in the prior chapter from a
website. Include a related, complimentary package of products with resale rights as a
one-time offer. Or, use it as a back end offer on your thank you page. Not many people
think about putting a second item up for sale on the thank you page, and they are missing
a perfect opportunity. Think about it! You already have the sale in the first place – the
customer might even still have his credit card in hand. Why not try to sell them something
else right then and there? There are a ton of ways to be creative to profit from your thank
you page.

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Website Search Engine Optimization For Search Engine Friendliness

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Website Search Engine Optimization For Search Engine Friendliness

Website Search engine optimization is the buzz word of the internet. You can’t survive online without it! Understanding its concepts is crucial to your business growth!

The success of your website online largely depends on the level of visibility it enjoys. This will only happen with a robust and effective website search engine optimization program. There are many ways to accomplish this end objective.


Keywords are those magic words which attract your site to search engines. These also guarantee good page rankings. Since these are an important component of website search engine optimization you need to ensure each page of your site has a good array of strategic keywords evenly spread out. Many experts conduct intensive keyword research programs which help to analyze which keywords are the most popular and can fetch you greater visibility online.


The content on your website not only needs to be interesting and related to the site theme, it also needs to be search engine friendly. Website search engine optimization relies on effective and search engine friendly copywriting to attract better page ranking online. Your website copy needs to exude professionalism while also ensuring that keywords are generously sprinkled in the articles.

Meta tags and title

The title of your web pages is what will attract search engines to your site. That’s why it’s important that not only is the title interesting and catchy, but it also has relevant keywords in it. That way the search engine robots that crawl sites get to access your site instantly. Website search engine optimization is all about being accessible to search engines. Even your site Meta tags need to have these keywords well placed.

Knowing your competition

Many website search engine optimization service providers will do an in-depth competitive analysis. This is because in order to stay ahead in the competition you need to know where you stand. That’s why it helps to find out which keywords are currently being used by your immediate competition. It will also enable you to learn from their mistakes and fine tune your site optimization efforts better.

Manual submission

Many providers will also manually submit your site to search engines online. Through this they are able to effectively and actively propagate your website to the web. Website search engine optimization methods involve fine tuning of content, building more links as well as involving tools like PPC etc. to drive more traffic.

Link density

The page rank and popularity of your site will depend on the number of links as well as the kind and quality of links on your site. In fact most of the popular search engines of today distinguish successful and not so successful sites by the density of links on their sites. Therefore as part of your website search engine optimization program you need to ensure active procurement of associated links to your site. By improving the link density you get to improve the relative placement of your site in search engine results.

High quality links

It isn’t just sufficient to have a large volume of links to your site. It’s also equally important in website search engine optimization to have good quality links from reliable partners. Therefore, it is essential to test the strength and effectiveness of each link before incorporating it into your site.

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How Is Online Copywriting Different from Offline Copywriting?

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How Is Online Copywriting Different from Offline Copywriting?

To become an effective copywriter for the Web, the first thing you need to learn are the major differences between online and offline copywriting.

Who Reads It?

Offline copies are printed on various materials, and they’re something that some people may read just to pass the time. With no expectations, offline readers can afford to be more patient and forgiving.

Online copies, however, don’t have that luxury. More often than not, Internet users have a reason for visiting a website and they definitely have expectations when it comes to reading any online copy. And since they know what they want and what to look for, they’re more inclined to be impatient and wouldn’t hesitate to switch to another article if what they’re currently reading proves to be unsuitable.

One Chance from Start to Finish

Again, certain situations in the offline world give readers no chance to be choosy. Reading from a single magazine limits them to the contents of the magazine. If there are no other magazines available and they need to acquire certain information or, once again, they’re desperate to pass the time, they have no other recourse but to read the magazine from start to finish.

Second chances are rare for online copies and as such, you need to make every word powerful and significant from start to finish, beginning with your headline and until you finish your call to action.

Switching from one copy to another is also easier for online readers. With search engines more than ready to supply them with the next best link if your copy proves to be inadequate, the only way to keep their attention is by making every sentence worth their time.


Offline copywriters may occasionally have to worry about the costs of printing their works in a certain format. Too many paragraphs as well as larger fonts could make the cost of publishing escalate in an alarming rate, and for this reason, they’re forced to make adjustments, which are not always favorable to readers, to their works.

Online copywriters, in this case, stand to gain more from their line of work. Since text weighs little in terms of bytes, formatting rarely make a substantial difference to their work. As a result, they can afford to make more paragraphs and keep it short – exactly the way their online readers like it. Having large fonts aren’t a problem either. Indeed, they can change the color of the text and suffer from no additional cost.


Online readers have a habit of skimming, and they do it more frequently than their offline counterparts. Web copywriters will, of course, have to adjust their work accordingly.

Skimming makes optional formatting techniques in offline writing necessary in online copywriting. Subheadings are one of them. Their presence ensures that online readers are still able to comprehend the gist of the copy even if they’re skimming. If you can supply one subheading for every paragraph, that can only work to your favor!

Now that you’re aware of the differences between online and offline copywriting, you can apply what you’ve learned the next time you write an online copy. These newfound tips may make writing more difficult at the start, but rest assured they come with greater rewards!

Remember to double-check for errors before uploading your work. Good luck on keeping the attention of your readers!

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How to Show the Importance of Your Readers in Online Copywriting

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How to Show the Importance of Your Readers in Online Copywriting

Online copywriting is a formidable beast that is difficult to undertake. For one, offline copywriting allows you better control on who reads your copy: you have a fairly good idea who reads your work, what your target market is like, and where you can find that target market in order to know more about it. In fact, you can meet members of your target market face to face, spend money on interviews and focus group discussions, and find out what the members of your target market want and need. This can help you design your copy and get your marketing done.

The online arena is different: you do not know who visits your website, and you do not even know if the person claiming to be part of your target market is truly part of it, or is in need of free samples and is in another demographic altogether. The online arena offers a blanket of anonymity that affects even you: trust is so low online, so that when presented with information, people tend to shy away and be even more cautious. This can make for even more challenging copywriting, but if you are able to talk to people and show your readers that the copy is for them and intends to help them meet their goals, then you will have an easier time with your marketing efforts.

Why should you show your readers how important they are? For one, the online arena also offers the illusion of being part of an often large crowd, and it is this membership which, if saturated with too much togetherness, can make your website visitors and prospective clients feel alienated from you. In other words, you need to personalize your copy; but how can you personalize something when you have thousands of different tastes and inclinations out there? You therefore need to target your market: you need to talk to people as though you knew every single need that they have.

You will also need to answer four main questions when you are creating a web copy. If you are able to answer these questions, then you will be able to show your readers that they are important to you; if you show them that they are important to you, then there is a greater likelihood that they will buy something from you. After all, if you care about them, then you can better be trusted, right?

First, answer why your visitor has stumbled upon that site. Has that person looked for something that could augment his or her family income? Does that person belong to a certain demographic? Does that person enjoy a certain show or have fun in a certain hobby? This serves to identify the person, not to label him or her, so be careful about being too hard selling in this area, or you risk turning off your reader immediately.

Second, when you have started endorsing your product or service, be sure to tell your customer what to do. It makes no sense for you to have a load of marketing hoopla, only to leave your customer wondering what he or she needs to do. However, you are not here to control the customer: you are here as a guide, so avoid being too pushy.

Third, answer why the customer should do it. This is where you conjure up your persuasive powers, so be prudent. Why should your customer buy the product? Provide evidence that your product or service is the best and will meet that person’s needs and wants.

Lastly, tell your customer what he or she should expect from you, the product or service, or from the company, if updates should be made.

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Online Copywriting: Make It Short and Simple

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Online Copywriting: Make It Short and Simple

Online copywriting requires certain skills to perfect. Indeed, it can even be considered an art as not everyone has the ability to make mostly old information sound mostly new and turn economically written sentences into powerful messages. The secret to online copywriting, however, ultimately boils down to two things: keeping it short and simple.

Why It Has to Be Short and Simple

You can blame it on various factors, but regardless of the reason behind it, online readers tend to be more demanding and impatient. A short and simple copy is able to give them what they want quickly and easily. A longer and more in-depth one can’t.

It’s also best to think of online readers as having tunnel vision. They have a one-track mind, and if the first instance that they suspect your copy of being unable to give them what they want, they’ll immediately switch to the next website in their list.

If you want to please online readers with your copy, you need to give them what they want without any delay. If they want you to explain in greater detail, they’ll only have to click the link you’ve thoughtfully provided for them. But until they do that, it’s better to stick with the plain but effective short-and-simple format.

No Fancy Words

Online readers skim and when they happen to skim right to the part you’ve used a fancy word they don’t comprehend, you stand to lose not just their attention but their presence in your website. And all of that is just because you took pains to use a fancy word. Such effort will remain unappreciated by online readers so don’t bother wasting your time with it.

Stick to the Facts and Figures

Online readers aren’t interested in things that haven’t yet been proven. What they want are statistics and the more impressive they are, the better! In this case, you’ll have the type of reader who doesn’t mind but in fact prefers that you brag. If there’s data you can share to convince your reader of buying your product or service, share it.

Don’t Overwhelm

Online readers are easy to scare. Give them an online copy that’s longer than a full-length page or two and they won’t even try to read it. Effective online copies never overwhelm their readers. Their sentences are simple and basic. Their paragraphs are the same and composed of not more than four or five sentences.

If a few sentences or a single paragraph are not enough to explain a particular concept, break it into several paragraphs instead. If you want to be a good copywriter, the first thing you have to understand is avoid doing anything that scares off your readers.

One Idea at a Time

Don’t make your readers frown in puzzlement. They want information given to them in a smooth-flowing manner, preferably in a step-by-step method. As such, you need to stick to one idea per paragraph. Given the ideal length for paragraphs, doing otherwise is foolhardy anyway.

Use Proper Formatting

Making your online copy convenient for your readers is another sign of good copywriting. One way of doing that is to use proper formatting. Subheading, large and legible fonts, and bullet points are just a few ways to make reading – or skimming – easier for your customers.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you write an online copy!

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Private Label Resell Rights – The Fastest Way To Start Your Very Own Online Business

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Private Label Resell Rights – The Fastest Way To Start Your Very Own Online Business

Many entrepreneurs have a tough time figuring out how to start and run a successful online business. One of the fastest ways to get started is with a good private label resell rights program. Just take a look at what slows most people down and how private label resell rights can change all that.

Product Creation

Most entrepreneurs stumble over and over again with what to sell. They search and search for products to sell, then try to create their own, often resulting in lack of time, energy, creativity and mindset to finish projects. So the final step is to either sell other people’s products and earn only a portion of the profits through affiliate or other programs, or to hire the work done by someone else. Hiring work means messing around with posting for help, interviewing potential workers, establishing criteria, deadlines, pricing, etc. for your projects and making sure the work gets done – and well. You don’t want to end up with a bad product..

With private label resell rights, there is already a product created and ready to go. That means you don’t have to figure out what to create, do the work of writing the ebook or making the audio file or other product. Nor do you have to outsource, or hire out the work in the event you can’t make it yourself. All that is done for you and in a professional manner by an expert already versed in crafting successful products that sell.


The next area that slows people down is marketing and setting systems in place. It takes more time, effort and funds to craft or pay for people to create websites, write articles and copywriting.

However, with private label resell rights programs, you can have plenty of content to use in your marketing of your product, too. With a good private label resell rights program you often get coordinating website for selling, images for the site, copywriting and articles to use for marketing and helpful instructions and tutorials…all of which adds up to plenty of ammo for your online promotions.

So while the others who are starting their businesses are still at the starting gate, you’ll be off and running with your private label resell rights program. And you’ll be in the lead with your private label resell rights program saving you plenty of time, elbow grease, more outsourced work and money on:

– Professional website development, graphics and top-notch copywriting
– Professionally-crafted articles for your autoresponder, website and to submit to article directories for attracting people to your site and getting links to attract search engines there, too.
– Training to put everything together quickly and correctly.

Of course these are just the basics. And training within the private label resell rights programs will be much more detailed and helpful. They’ll teach you the fastest way to start your very own online business with their private label resell rights program.

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Does Your Copywriting Trigger What Makes Your Visitors Buy?

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Does Your Copywriting Trigger What Makes Your Visitors Buy?

You study your website stats and see the amount of traffic coming through. Nice numbers. But when you compare your traffic against your sales, what do you get? A small fraction of 1%? Wouldn’t you love to see those conversions grow? But how can you get them to buy?

The secret isn’t some magic trick or tool. But your Internet marketing is just shooting into the dark if you don’t know the needs that lead people to buy and how to focus your copywriting to tap those needs.

Two main needs drive all people no matter what the demographic: 1) a desire to expand their world and become more than what they are, and 2) a desire for safety. These needs conflict: the desire to grow leads us to head out into the unknown; self-protection leads us to circle the wagons and dig in against unknown dangers.

Each person strikes their own balance between these two contradictory needs. Understanding the way that different personality types balance these needs is the key to effective copywriting for them.

Methodical Personality Type

The methodical personality type balances strongly toward safety. They need facts, lots of details, to assure themselves that they are making the safest, most logical choice. Make no mistake, methodical personality types decide to buy based on their emotions like everyone else, but they feel a need to back up their desire to buy with sound intellectual arguments.

To get them to buy, your copywriting needs to help them narrow their choices. Avoid giving them too many options. They easily get lost trying to find the best option among a series of equals.

One option to offer, though, is between your plain product at a cheaper price or a more expensive price with lots of additional features. Methodical thinkers are much more likely to choose the more expensive version because it reinforces their image of being a wise shopper. And it changes their decision from deciding between buying or not buying into deciding between buying a more valuable deal or a less expensive offer. But either way, their decision gives you a sale.

Give them solid reasons to buy and buy now. Lead them through your sales process in an easy and non-threatening way. Give them the details they need to make themselves feel that they made a rational decision. They want their purchases to be well-reasoned and risk-free, and want to see themselves as smart shoppers.

Competitive Personality Type

The competitive personality type is less averse to risk, but still needs to feel that their purchase reaffirms the way they see themselves. They, too, consider facts in making their purchase, but rely more on gut feelings of how well the purchase puts them ahead of where they were.

The key to copywriting for this personality type is to recognize their need to see the way they define themselves reflected in what they buy. Recognize what types of self-images your product reflects and sprinkle your sales copy with words and phrases that help your competitive types see your product reinforce their self-image.

Cast a wide enough net in fitting your product’s image to theirs, but don’t try to cover every possible self image or you’ll get too generic to appeal to any of them.

Gregarious Personality Type

The gregarious personality type seeks to feel connected to those around them. They are more willing to trust, more willing to venture into the unknown, but are hesitant to assume the full risk until others have proven that the path is safe. They respond especially well to copywriting that shows how your product has benefited others.

Catch their attention by talking about positive results that others have experienced. Testimonials of satisfied customers or pictures that show happy people enjoying your product also are important. Make sure your copywriting provides them with evidence that others have found your product worthwhile. They’ll feel more comfortable taking their own risk with it.

Spontaneous Personality Type

The spontaneous personality type is the most open to exploration. They are the trend-setters, the early adopters, who blaze the trail for everyone else. They will take risks. But not unless you offer to fill the chief need for something better, something that will let them to grow beyond what they are.

Surprise them. Intrigue them with the unexpected and they’ll make that leap of faith with you. Present them with the boring old status quo approach and they’ll move on to something more intriguing.

Understanding what drives these four different types of customers is essential to copywriting effectively for them. In copywriting, as in clothing, one size most definitely does not fit all.

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Why Great Website Makeovers Begin With Copywriting

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Why Great Website Makeovers Begin With Copywriting

“Can you give me some feedback on my website?” a life coach named “Kevin” asked his e-zine subscribers. “I just revised my site – -finally!”

Naturally, I couldn’t resist clicking over to see what Kevin had done. I knew Kevin was a thoughtful coach with a reputation for high integrity.

Kevin’s new site cried out for a re-makeover. He had paid a designer to get drop-down menus and a bit of flash. As a result, Kevin admitted, “I have no budget to pay a copywriter.”


After skimming a few pages of the site, I emailed Kevin. “Who is your target market? What do you offer? How are you unique?”

Kevin replied, “I asked for feedback. I don’t have time to answer a lot of questions. And everyone tells me the site looks professional.”

Okay. I can take a hint.

Sure, the site looks professional. But Kevin admits he’s in trouble. So far, he’s gotten nothing but compliments — no orders and no calls.

What can we learn from Kevin?

(1) Copywriters can save you money.

Often I (and other experienced copywriters) can save clients money on web design. Kevin didn’t need all those bells and whistles. In fact, some Internet marketing gurus claim they do more harm than good.

And Kevin didn’t understand HTML, let alone CSS. A copywriter might serve as go-between, translating Kevin’s requirements into web design language. Your web designer saves time – which translates into saving money.

(2) Copywriters help you earn money.

Reading between the lines, I discovered Kevin could be a stand-out. He has developed an innovative 5-step process to help clients overcome obstacles and take charge of their lives.

But Kevin doesn’t realize why he’s unique, so his website reads like five thousand other life coaching sites: vague promises of “take your life to the next level,” “discover what’s important to you” and “enjoy the work you love.”

Naturally I’m disguising the details of “Kevin’s” story, but I really don’t have to. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of sites sound just like Kevin’s.

(3) Copywriting is collaborative.

Like Kevin, my clients often think they can show me a few pages of a website and say, “Make it sell!” Copywriting requires energy and planning, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a firm believer in outsourcing to a specialist.

My clients often invest many hours answering my questionnaire. As they write, they often realize there’s a hole in their business strategy. Or they’re sitting on buried treasure.

Until I know what Kevin wants to do with his website and his business, I can’t make realistic recommendations – even as a casual ezine reader. I need to evaluate Kevin’s copy in the context of Kevin’s own goals, target market and unique selling proposition.

Kevin could do this himself. But, like most busy business owners, he didn’t want to invest the time. And he wasn’t sure what questions to ask.

When clients hire me, we have the luxury (and fun!) of creating a marketing message that hits the target market squarely in the center of the bull’s-eye.

Bottom Line: Websites deliver messages. Without a message, a website is a calling card – nice when you have more business than you can handle.

Most of the time, revising copy brings traffic and sales. Websites typically earn back the copy investment with just a few new clients, not to mention saving energy and funds by avoiding a makeover to recover the makeover.

And one day you realize you’re not getting compliments… but you *are* getting sales.

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How to choose a professional copywriter

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How to choose a professional copywriter

You already know that professional copywriting is worth its weight in gold. You know that a good copywriter can help both to drive traffic to your website, and to keep it there once it arrives.

What you don’t know is how to find that copywriter.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The problem with copywriting is that, unlike, say, soda or bathroom cleaner, it’s not something you buy every week, or even every month. And unlike the products and services you’re familiar with, it can be difficult to know what to look for – or to spot a good thing once you’ve found it.

Luckily, as with most things in life, finding a copywriter is easy once you know how. And this article is here to show you how.

What to look for in a copywriting service

If you’re like most people, the first place you’ll turn to in your search for a professional copywriter is a search engine like Google. Wise move. Your copywriter’s website is probably the biggest clue of all as to just what kind of service you can expect. Here’s what to look for:

1. Client testimonials
Any good copywriter will know that testimonials are one of the most powerful sales tools you can use to create copy that converts site visitors into buyers. (If they don’t know this, then they’re not a good copywriter. Hit that “back” button fast…). You’d expect your copywriter to use testimonials on their own site too, then, wouldn’t you? Look for a link that states “testimonials” or “customer comments” or similar. If it’s not there, ask yourself why…

2. A portfolio
No decent copywriter will expect you to commission them for a project without seeing some examples of their work. A copywriter’s portfolio is his or her calling card: without it, they’re going nowhere. Spend some time looking at the portfolio on your copywriter’s website. How does the copy read? It should be crisp, clear, and easy to understand. It should also prompt you to take some kind of action once you’ve read it, whether that action be making a purchase, joining a mailing list, or simply reading on. If the copywriter’s portfolio doesn’t persuade you they’re worth using, nothing will.

3. Client list / resume
There are no particular qualifications a copywriter needs to begin practicing. Some copywriters have English or journalism degrees, others are completely self-taught, having learnt their craft from the ground up. Instead of asking your copywriter about their qualifications, then, ask about their experience. Who have they worked for in the past? What have they done for those other clients? The answers to these questions should tell you all you need to know about how well-equipped the copywriter is to work on your project.

4. Fees
Some copywriters state their fees up front, others prefer to give quotes only on enquiry. No matter how your copywriter prefers to reveal their rates, though, make sure you have something to compare them to. Shop around. You wouldn’t buy the first house or car you laid eyes on, and neither should you settle for the first copywriter you find either. Once you have some quotes to look at, however, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the lowest quote must be the best value. Make sure you’re comparing like with like. Beware of “article mills”: companies who sell articles for just a few dollars per time. These companies tend to employ amateur writers, many of whom don’t even have a good grasp of English. Remember, you get what you pay for, and if a quote sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The going rate for website copywriting is around £30 GBP / per hour. If you’re being quotes significantly less than this, ask yourself – or your copywriter – why.

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Tips for Setting Your Copywriting Rates

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Tips for Setting Your Copywriting Rates

A copywriting job can mean brisk business, especially for writers who have the skills and experience. However, that is only if the writer knows how to strategically price his copywriting services, something that can be very tricky, especially for beginners. Setting a rate for copywriting can be confusing, particularly because you don’t want to overcharge and turn away prospects or undercharge and not be paid what you deserve. Here are some of the most important things that you should consider when setting your copywriting rates:

Different copywriters charge different rates

This is due mainly to the type of skills you have, your writing expertise and experience. Beginner copywriters, for example, cannot charge the same rates as more experienced ones.

The key here is to prove that you can deliver. Even if you have the skills but don’t have the experience, it can take a while before you can charge a rate as high as those charged by a copywriter with more experience than you do. This, even if you will be writing on the same topic. A Web article, for example, may cost only for a beginner copywriter while a more experienced copywriter may charge at least 0.

The type of writing and topic

The type of writing project and its topic will also affect copywriting rates. An article written on a general topic, for example, may be charged at a lower rate than a write-up about a project with a specialized topic. Article writing, newsletters, brochures, ads, ghostwriting a book, news stories, press releases, etc. – require different types of research and styles of writing.

The type of research that has to go into writing will also influence the rates – the more difficult, intricate and technical the writing needs to be, the higher its rate. Extras that add value to a copywriting service such as search engine optimization or writing using HTML can also allow a writer to charge more.

To give you an idea how much copywriters charge for their services, here are some ballpark figures you might find useful:

For articles that will appear on a website, copywriters charge anywhere from 0 to 0 per write-up. If you choose to charge by the hour, the range can be anywhere from a low of to around . For Web content that will fill 10 pages, you might want to charge for about ,000 to ,500, depending on the type of content.

For press releases, copywriters often charge from 0 to around 0 while others may charge lower, starting at around 0 or 0.

For sales letters, freelance copywriters usually charge a whopping ,000 to around ,000 per letter. Some, such as those still building their portfolio, can charge from a low of 0 to around 0.

The number of wordS

Many copywriters charge per word while others prefer a set number of minimum words per write-up. These become the basis of their copywriting rates. For example, a copywriter may charge a lower rate for a 300-word write-up than he would for a 500-word article.

The frequency of the writing project

There are different copywriting rates set for one-time writing projects and for continuous assignments. Copywriters will generally charge a slightly lower copywriting rate for continuous projects than for one-time only articles.

After service
As part of their copywriting services, copywriters often allow one revision per article which is included in the set rate. Further revisions and additions are sometimes billed extra or based on a per hour rate. Copywriters may charge from about to an hour to make their revisions.


Believe it or not, how much you can charge for your copywriting rates will also depend on how well you can sell your writing skills. If you’re unsure of what to charge and less confident about your writing, you’re likely to charge a rate that is less than what’s reasonable for your level of skills and experience. Know your skills and be confident so you will never have to charge an unreasonable rate.

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Good Website Copy Writing Is The Key To Your Online Success

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Good Website Copy Writing Is The Key To Your Online Success

If you want to have promotions and good standing in search engines then you should know that the written content of your website is one of the very important factors to meet that ends and the quality of the content of your website can make that happen. It is absolutely the one factor that could possibly meet the success goals of your site. Remember that if the site contains only images it can do nothing to make the sales higher and for the visitors to stay and return.

Your site is valuable to every customer; there should be articles in your website to help convince people to visit your site over and over again. Let the people be encouraged in visiting your website through the content of your copywriting. And besides, the content of your site will depend upon the image of your company that will make the positive outlook and will convey thoroughness, awareness and pique the interest of the visitors to your site.

There is so much that needs to be considered and applied when writing for a website. The quality of thoughts is very much important when it comes to the content in terms of relating it to the structures of the site that you are writing for. It needs to catch the attention of the visitors of your site and needs to reveal the accurate search terms to make a reasonably high ranking with the content driven search engines.

The importance of the copy on your site has to work together with a specific direction so that the readers can be attracted with what they read and to make them always keep in touch with your site and for them to be familiarized with all the products that you are selling. All the details in your site project the image of the company, and it should capture the interests of the readers or the visitors of your site. One very important factor is that the content should make logical sense to the readers.

The more the readers or visitors value your site, the more you will have higher rankings. Definitely your company will remain competitive and will remain on top.

Copywriting is writing words that sell. It should consist of words that are precise and clear for the effectiveness of all the content of your site because it will definitely give your visitors the confidence and trust to your products or services. Copywriting should catch the attention of the customers since it is the lifeblood of every online services and businesses.

Your site will be successful if you always bring the quality information to potential customers and will generate more potential sales. Words that you will use in an online business will draw the customer to purchase a product and the words you used on that certain page will be the basis of the customer in making decision whether to stay or get out of your site.

In web copywriting, it determines the best and appropriate way of getting the sales increase. It means that promoting a certain product or service will depend upon the words you convey in your online access. Every word that you are going to use will change the way you sell forever.

Web site copy writing will soon be the huge demand for the successful online business because using selling and persuasive words can be powerful in terms of selling your products or services. You have just to put to your online business with the words of wisdom and ultimately you will meet the increase to your online sales and get the possible highest search engine ranking.

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How To Freelance As A Work-at-home Copywriter

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How To Freelance As A Work-at-home Copywriter

Freelance copywriting already covers a wide range of media, such as television, radio, magazines, brochures, direct mail, and SEO copy. In fact, every word in every brochure, advert, website and leaflet you see is written by the copywriter. Before, copywriters were restricted to being in-house or by marketing / PR firms; but now, many freelance copywriters offer their services globally.

Working on a freelance copywriting job can be stressful. Just like all freelance jobs, freelance copywriting means you have to sell or market yourself, meet all deadlines or complete a job on time and on budget by making use of your skills and knowledge.
Being a copywriter enables you to choose a specific or particular market sector or product. To become a successful copywriter, you should have the ability to research a certain topic, while understanding your clients and target customers.

Aside from having excellent research skills, you also have to have imagination and creative flair to keep your ideas running while keeping your clients happy.


As with writing many types of copy, there are also different types of copywriters with various specialties in the market today. Some copywriters specialize in specific forms of copywriting, such as direct mail or ad copy, while other copywriters take a more general approach by writing copy on general topics for no specific type of client.

Today, freelance copywriters are known to write different forms of copy and clients expect them to handle a larger workload. Despite being demanding work, freelance copywriting can be a lot of fun and one of the best ways to make a steady income if you have the skills, the connection, and the drive to be successful.

Aside from being an avenue to earn great income, freelance copywriting also offers you the ability to work from anywhere via Internet. If you are planning to become a freelance copywriter, here are some tips to help you do the job:

1. Educate Yourself. If you want to delve into the world of freelance copywriting, then consider getting a writing degree in English, Journalism, Communications, and the like. Having an education or a background on the career you wish to pursue can be a strong step in finding work as a copywriter.

If it’s impossible for you to earn a degree, try to earn a certification in a specialty (such as marketing), or take non-degree courses that teach copywriting (or technical writing) basics offered by many colleges. Having a background in copywriting can serve as a credential once you venture into freelance work.

2. Get a pro bono work. If you don’t have any other experience, writing copy or an article for free will provide you with the experience you need. Writing pro bono copy for clients can also serve as sample copies once you market yourself as a freelance copywriter.

3. Intern. An internship from a recognized business or establishment in your field will add credibility to your skills. Aside from giving you experience and first-hand knowledge, an internship may also lead to permanent employment with the company.

4. Pursue various opportunities. Since the industry is booming, there are lots of freelance copywriters who serve as your competitors. If you are really into freelance copywriting, then you should always research businesses and agencies that may need copywriting services, both online and offline.

An excellent resource to learn about launching a freelance career is Andy Anderson’s book or audio book, “How to Make Money from Home as a Freelancer,” published by PaydayPublishing.com.


The number of copywriting jobs is enormous. If you did a keyword search on “copywriting,” you would find 500-plus jobs. This is only a small part of the market, and you could find many other copywriting jobs on other websites as well, such as FreelanceWriting.com. With the evolution of the Internet, there are more and more jobs available to write good web content among other things on the Internet. Often many freelance copywriting jobs can be found where you will find a plethora of advertising agencies. A good example of this would be in New York. Within your area, there will be a good number of smaller marketing agencies where you may be able to find work as a copywriter. The number of opportunities for a freelance copywriter is very high and this is a great field to work in.

Freelance and staff copywriting salaries usually range from ,000 a year up to ,000 a year or more. This is a rough gauge on what you could potentially make as a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting jobs are out there for the taking. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, copywriting jobs will grow in line with the general economy over the next decade. This means you will see about average growth for the industry but you could see enormous growth if you focus on Internet copywriting.

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Copywriting Procedures

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Copywriting Procedures

Within this article on copywriting procedures, we will look at how to structure your copywriting when working for a client. There has been a great deal of copywriting done through the years and it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time you want to write copy. We will specifically be focused upon the sales letter because this could have the greatest impact for you, especially if you decide to do SEO copywriting.

One particular school of thought speaks to making your website one large online sales letter. Continuing in this train of thought, this could present a great opportunity for you. You could write for both off-line businesses as well as for online business using the format of a sales letter.

Within a sales letter, there are three main components that will make a difference whether or not your product will sell. The first component is the headline. If you do not grab your prospects’ attention right away, you will have wasted your time in developing the rest of the copy. The second component of a sales letter is the offer. This part is important as you must be explicit with the offer to give the prospect what he or she now wants. It must be something that will entice the prospect to take action upon the completion of reading the letter. The final component of a sales letter is the postscript. This is the second most read portion of a sales letter after the headline. When you are writing this, this is the extra incentive that you will be using to motivate your prospects to take advantage of the offer that you presented right away. When you are focusing upon writing a sales letter, you should take each particular step of the sales letter in order. You do not sit down and just writes a sales letter completely through but rather take it step by step. This entails writing the headline followed by writing the offer and then followed by writing the postscript. Following these copywriting procedures will ensure that you will have set yourself up for great success.

If you do not have a great deal of experience within copywriting, make sure to follow the examples of copywriting procedures set up by some of the foremost experts. One of the key authors who you should look into is Dan Kennedy. He has written some great books over the years and is a great resource for you to use.

Hopefully this article on copywriting procedures will help you in becoming a better copywriter. The key behind successful copywriting is to use the formulas that have been developed while putting your own spin on what you’re writing. Copywriting procedures are important because people have developed these in a certain method to be successful for a reason. There is no need to reinvent the wheel because this will only be frustrating for you in the long run as you’ll find that you have less sales while putting in more effort. By taking the time to follow operating procedures, you’ll set yourself up to maximize potential sales when developing a sales letter.

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Copywriting Demand

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Copywriting Demand

Within this article on copywriting demand, we will look at how much work there is out there for someone who wants to do freelance copywriting as well as the demand for copywriters as a profession.

Copywriting demand will always be strong. Demand will always be strong whether the economy is strong or weak. In past decades, it was easy to get away with a strong product and some marketing. With the emergence of globalization, there is a greater deal of competition in all markets and the way to stand apart is through marketing. For many consumers, the only way to be able to discern the differences between competing products is through the marketing. This ensures that copywriters are needed. Any good company which wants to send a consistent message to a target audience will always be employing copywriters. Some companies not looking ahead to the future may cut their advertising budget when they hit weak sales but that is not a smart move. If a recession comes along, demand may go down by a small margin for copywriters but it would pick right back up when the economy turned around.

There is always need for copywriters so no matter what happens within the country, companies will want to make sure that they have copywriters to work for them. There is a growing demand for copywriters in one particular forum and that would be on the Internet. With the Web up past four billion web pages, the demand for search engine copywriting has continued to increase. It is harder to get your web site indexed and search engine copywriting give you a better chance of being indexed. To do this, the search engine copywriters must write well to ensure that two audiences, the people searching and the search bots, are appeased so this provides more opportunities.

If you are looking into copywriting, there are a great many opportunities within this field. You can work for an advertising agency or you can decide to work for yourself. Many jobs are available all over the country for copywriters and you will find that this copywriting demand will stay at about the same pace and continue to grow with the pace of the economy. If you go out to the website, www.monster.com, you will find that there are currently more than 500 jobs are available for copywriters. This is just a small piece of the job market. There are many other ways that you can find copywriting jobs currently at this time. This should give you an idea of how there is demand for copywriters.

Hopefully this article on copywriting demand will help you out. If you are a copywriter, you should find that no matter the condition of the economy, you will always find work. Even when the economy is in a recession, some companies’ sales are increasing and they may have a need for more copywriting work. With the demand of the whole market, you should always find yourself needed by someone. Good luck in finding a copywriting job but you will find that this is something that will often not be needed because of copywriting demand.

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Business To Business Copywriting Secrets

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Business To Business Copywriting Secrets

If you want to increase your marketing results and get more qualified leads, you will need to improve the effectiveness of the copywriting on your website, print ads, emails and direct mail.

This is vital because copywriting is your “salesperson in cyberspace, in print and in the mail” … and great salesmanship produces great sales … average salesmanship gets only average or worse results.

Here are the copywriting tips that will improve your marketing results. These are proven based on our copywriting work for over 450 businesses since 1978.

This is a list of what your prospect is thinking as he reads your marketing copy. It’s important to make sure everything is addressed on this list. If you do this, your marketing results will improve dramatically.

1. You’d better have done your research to know what benefits I want most from your type of product or service. If you don’t, I won’t even notice you, and if I do, I won’t even give you a hearing.

2. What do you do? How will it help me? I need to know “what’s in it for me” instantly or I’m gone.

3. Why should I believe you?

4. I already have a supplier for that – why should I listen to you?

5. Make it easy for me to read, understand, navigate, and “scan” your marketing material.

6. I want a specialized expert in your field for my situation or my needs or my type of business.

7. Don’t bore me! I’m sick of corporate talk, business buzz terms and mumbo-jumbo. Almost all business marketing is very dull and boring and I won’t read it.

8. I want ALL the details and specs, including product information, product applications, CAD drawings and plans, costs and shipping. A ThomasNet.com study finds a very large percentage of buyers say these details are not readily available.

9. I want to read copywriting from a real live person talking to me person to person, and not from some emotionless corporation.

10. I won’t admit it on the record, but I make purchases based on my emotions. Sure I need logic and features for verification, but if you can touch my emotions, I’m much more likely to buy from you.

11. I badly want more from my life than just work. I’m very interested in saving time, work and stress.

12. Make it easy for me! You list many different things I can do and I’m confused. What one thing should I do now and why?

13. Don’t overload your website or brochure with fluff – stick only to relevant and helpful information I need. I’m tired of all the irrelevant “filler” information on the web and I won’t read through it anymore.

14. Compare your product or service against your competitors for me if it is really as good as you say it is. Be honest, as I’ll see through any favoritism.

15. Be specific; generalities go right into my garbage.

16. What’s your guarantee?

17. How can I test your product, service or company first, in a low or no cost way, before I make a large commitment?

18. Help me justify the investment to my boss on an ROI basis.

These copywriting secrets applied properly are a main reason one website, direct mail piece or ad can pull 2 to 3 times the response as another for the same product or service. This is why the most successful marketers hire the best outside freelance copywriters they can afford.

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Copywriting Jobs

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Copywriting Jobs

There are a great deal of copywriting jobs out there today. Within this article today, we will look at the future of copywriting jobs as well as where you can find more information.

The number of copywriting job is enormous. As of February 10, 2007, if you did a keyword search of “copywriting”, there were 509 open jobs. This is only a small part of the market and you could find many other copywriting jobs on other websites as well. With the evolution of the Internet, there are more and more jobs available to write good web content among other things on the Internet. Often many copywriting jobs can be found where you will find a plethora of advertising agencies and a good example of this would be in New York. Within your area, there will be a good number of smaller marketing agencies where you may be able to find work as a copywriter. The number of opportunities for a copywriter is very high and this is a great feel to work in.

Copywriting salaries usually range from ,000 a year up to ,000 a year or more. From this website, 41,000 represented what the 25th percentile are making on average within the field whereas the people earning 56,000 a year were in the top 75%. This is a rough gauge on what you could potentially make if you decide to take a copywriting job.

To look just be on the realm of grabbing a job as a copywriter, you could also look at doing some freelance copywriting. If you’re not happy with the amount of money that you could make within the copywriting field, you could look at supplementing this on the side by bidding for projects at either of these two following websites: www.elance.com or www.directfreelance.com. On either of these two websites, you are able to bid on projects that are listed as well as set up a profile to showcase your best work. You can create search criteria so that jobs that meet what you want can be e-mailed to you. This is a great way to supplement your income.

Copywriting jobs are out there for the taking. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, copywriting jobs will grow in line with the general economy over the next decade. This means that you will see probably about average growth for the industry but you could see a great deal more growth if you focus on Internet copywriting. This is a very flexible industry in which you have potentially a greater chance at dictating your terms and conditions and how you would like to work. This is something that you can look into when you start talking with a potential employer. Do not underestimate also the opportunity to work as a freelancer because you could command higher rates and this would increase the amount of flexibility you would have within your life.

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The Value Of Good Writing

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The Value Of Good Writing

Almost every week I see brochures, websites, advertisements and newsletters that have been poorly written. Either the spelling is weak, or the sentences are badly constructed, or the key message is buried somewhere in the middle. Sometimes the message isn’t even clear. What these pieces lack is good copywriting.

Most of what I see has been written by highly competent professionals who are expert in their field. But not in writing. They imagine that because they are smart chief executives, or clever IT specialists or skilful consultants that they can also turn their hand to copywriting. Often they cannot. The net result is that what they write diminishes their message and damages their reputation.

Whereas poor writing will sabotage a good reputation, excellent copywriting will enhance it. Indeed really good copywriting can sometimes create a reputation where none existed before. So for example, a well turned-out brochure, crisply written and beautifully designed can help an organisation craft a completely new image. Similarly, a radically new website which has an eye-catching design, a clear structure and copy that is easy to read and convincing, can make a dramatic difference to an organisation. Good copywriting gets noticed and that’s good news for the business that the copywriting is supporting.

Good copywriting not only gains the attention of the reader, it convinces as well. That is so important. The writing needs to be attractive, friendly and jargon-free, but it will fail if its underlying message is not made strongly enough. An interesting example is the writing of a case study for a company magazine or sales brochure. Unless the case study contains clear and objective arguments to show why a product or service was a success, it won’t convince the reader.

Copywriting a case study sounds easy, given what I’ve just said. But it is not. You have to strike a balance between giving too much information to the reader and too little, and between inflating the reasons for success and under-selling them. Most important of all you have to remember all the time who your audience will be.

Understanding your audience is absolutely key to good copywriting. That’s where the value of good copywriting lies. A skilled copywriter will start by thinking about who they are writing for, what they want to say and the best way of putting that message across. It should be lucid, inviting and interesting. To me that’s good copywriting.
their services.

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Copywriting Questions And Answers – The World Of Online Copywriting

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Copywriting Questions And Answers – The World Of Online Copywriting

Online copywriting has become a multi-billion dollar resource for companies that utilize the internet. There are ads, publications, banners, websites and articles that are written by freelance copywriters through the internet. Copywriting persuades or draws attention to whatever is being promoted. Good online copywriting invites a person to actually read the ad whereas bad copywriting can quickly be navigated away from.

The internet has turned into a billion dollar revenue source for thousands and thousands of companies throughout the world. Online copywriting is more often associated with a form of article called a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) article. The SEO copywriter writes articles, varying in lengths, to fit a series of keywords or phrases that will turn up prominently in an internet search through such search engines as Google or Yahoo.

The web copywriter must be internet savvy. Often links are used within the article that will direct the reader to an additional webpage. Online copywriting is a valuable tool used by companies who want to reach a wider demographic audience. Many website articles are tailored to meet the demands the customers are expecting and as a way to draw potential visitors in, the web copywriter must have online copywriting articles that are suited to that audience.

Words have power. We see that day in and day out through the commercials and ads we see each day. But one form of online copywriting we do not often take into consideration when thinking about copywriting in general is that essays or reviews against a particular subject are considered a form of marketing. Take for example the government and organization ads against smoking. The articles and commercials are very much against use of any form of tobacco. Their use of health statistics show the detrimental effects that smoking has on our bodies, not only as a tobacco user, but through second hand smoke as well.

As more people turn to the internet for personal enjoyment, shopping and to stay informed, online copywriting will continue to be a formidable force to be reckoned with. Jobs will be created and the opportunities to advance in this career field will continue to rise. If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of being a copywriter, it is definitely worth checking into.

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Copywriting Service vs. PLR Membership

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Copywriting Service vs. PLR Membership

In today’s day and age there are a lot of people who are looking for an easy way out; a way to buck the system. And even though there are some areas in life where this is possible, when it comes to web content you do not want to take any shortcuts.

If you are in need of content for your website or blog, you have two options available to you.

1. You can visit a copywriting service website and take advantage of their ghostwriting services. Even though you may have to shell out a bit of money, you will still be getting 100% original, quality content.

2. You can rely on private label rights (plr) articles. There are several sites that offer these types of articles for a monthly fee. The way that they work is quite simple. Every month for a set membership fee you will receive a certain number of articles. This may sound like a good deal, but do you know all of the details? To join one of these sites you will have to pay a monthly fee of up to 0 for some sites; still this may not seem bad compared to hiring a copywriting service. But with plr articles, you will also be sharing them with hundreds of other people. That’s right; you will not be the only one who uses the article.

If you cannot tell by now, each service offers its own level of benefits. But for the majority of people, hiring a copywriting service is the way to go. Listed below are a few ways that a copywriting service is better than a plr service.

1. When you deal with a copywriting service you will be getting 100% original articles that you and you alone will have the sole rights to. This means that nobody else has permission to use the articles. On the other hand, with plr articles you have to share with hundreds of other people. Sure, you may get a lower price but is it worth it? If you get caught using duplicate content on your site you will be penalized and your site may even be shut down. Search engines are aware of this problem, and are cracking down on it very hard.

2. With a copywriting service you will get articles that are written to suit your needs. If you want 10 articles on home based business you can get them. In addition, you can even specify the length and keyword density. But when you work with a plr site you get what they send, and only what they send. If none of the articles suit your needs you are stuck with content that is worth next to nothing.

3. A copywriting service gives you what you want, when you want it. If you need a certain amount of articles on a specific topic within two days you can get it with a copywriting service. At a plr site, you get what they write and they send it when they want. So even though you will save money, what are the chances that you will ever get exactly what you want, when you want it? The answer is slim to none.

As you can see, a copywriting service is almost always better than a membership to a PLR site. If you are in need of original, targeted, quality content seek out a copywriting service that you can rely on.

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Freelance Copywriting Jobs

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Freelance Copywriting Jobs

You can find that there are numerous freelance copywriting jobs out there. Within this article today, we’ll look at a couple of the different websites and how you can make sure to set yourself apart from all of the other freelancers out there.

Our first task is to identify the different marketplaces where you should have a subscription. The website that will be profiled first is www.elance.com. This particular marketplace has a very strong following as more than 100,000 potential customers come by the website each week. You are able to sign up to sell your services and the system allows you to upload your best work to sell yourself to potential clients. There is also a search agents in place so that you can have jobs that meet your criteria e-mailed to you on a daily basis. Cost for a subscription to this particular website can range from eight dollars per month up to one hundred twenty dollars per month.

The second website which you should look to register for it is www.guru.com. This is actually the largest online freelance marketplace on the Internet to look for online jobs including freelance copywriting jobs. The capabilities of this website are similar to the ones that were posted in the paragraph above for that particular website. It has a service provider base of over 481,000 people. If you live in Europe, you can use both of these websites as well as a European challenge to these two, which is found at www.getafreelancer.com. There are many other websites that also offer a freelance online marketplace and one of these is www.directfreelance.com.

This should get you started in being able to find different websites and which you can bid on projects. When you are bidding on projects, companies that are looking at the bids will not be looking just at price but also at how their work will be done. To do this you will want to set yourself apart. The way that you can set yourself apart in creating a bid is to include copies of your best work but also make sure that you include testimonials along with a sales letter on why you will be the best party bidding on this particular project. By doing this, you will be tailoring your message to the particular party and you will be showing them examples of your past work along with happy clients. This will help improve your credibility and firmly anchor you as a potential candidate who can get the job done. Many copywriters do not have a website today so if you take the opportunity to create a website, you will find that you could have a competitive advantage in the freelance copywriting jobs market.

Hopefully this article on freelance copywriting jobs has helped you. It is important to know which websites you should use in finding work but it is also important to find ways to set yourself apart. By creating a website as well as creating an advertising package that shows off your best side, you are setting yourself up to stand apart from other freelancers. You are selling yourself when you create this package so keep that in mind.

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Internet Marketing and Outsourcing

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Internet Marketing and Outsourcing

Internet marketing and outsourcing work very well together. In fact most Internet marketers employ at lease some degree of outsourcing. The most common aspects of Internet marketing which are outsourced are copywriting and website design. Ideally these tasks will be delegated to individuals who are skilled in search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, those who manage multiple niches may opt to outsource the responsibilities of managing some of their niche markets. This article will take a look at some of the commonly outsourced tasks and provide information regarding why outsourcing these tasks is ideal.

Managing Multiple Niches

Many involved in Internet niche marketing become involved in managing multiple niche marketing campaigns. When this happens it can become difficult for one individual to oversee all of the campaigns without compromising the quality of the niche markets. Therefore, he will often outsource the oversight responsibilities related to managing some of the niche markets. This gives him the freedom to focus more on developing new niches and marketing strategies as opposed to overseeing minute details.

Care should be taken when outsourcing this type of work to ensure the employee hired to undertake these tasks is an honest individual with a great deal of integrity. Those who are lacking in integrity may take advantage of this situation to learn about the marketing strategies for the express purpose of stealing sensitive information and creating competition in these niches.

Outsourcing Copywriting

Copywriting services are also commonly outsourced in niche marketing. Those involved in Internet niche marketing realize the importance of providing high quality content that is also optimized for search engines. This applies to copywriting which is included on niche websites, in e-newsletters, in press releases and in ebooks. The content provided is critical to the success of the niche marketing campaign because it is often the first impression members of the target audience get of the campaign. Their opinion of the copy can determine whether or not they are willing to visit the niche website in the future or further research products or services for sale.

When selecting a writer to provide the content for the niche marketing campaign, it is important to consider a writer with SEO experience. This is important because the content provided on websites can have an impact on the search engine rankings of the website. The use of keywords is the most important part of copywriting relevant to SEO. The keywords should be used in a manner that creates informative and interesting copy that appeals to both website visitors and search engines.

Outsourcing Website Design

Web design is another aspect of Internet niche marketing that is often outsourced. Most marketers recognize website design as an important part of their success. They need their websites to be well designed both aesthetically and technically to ensure visitors enjoy the website and all of the features of the website operate smoothly.

Additionally, it is very important for the website designer chosen to understand how to implement SEO strategies into the design of the website. There are many different strategies available for SEO and there are also always new techniques being developed, tested and evaluated. The SEO of a website is pretty much a full time job. This is why it is essential for marketers to outsource this work so they can ensure they have someone working on their website optimization constantly.


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Basic Web Copywriting Checklist

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Basic Web Copywriting Checklist

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of internet marketing. Once you get visitors to your site, you must depend largely on your sales copy to convert the visitors into customers.

Sadly, many webmasters neglect the art of web copywriting. Copywriting truly is an art, but have a checklist of important points is also helpful. Here are some of the major components of good web copywriting.

1 – Your Headline
Does your headline grab the readers’ attention and compel them to read further? It is essential that your headline do that. Web surfers generally move about on the internet very quickly. Research says that you have a matter of seconds to catch your website readers’ attention, or they will move on. That is why your headline is so important.

2 – Your Introductory Copy
Do the first few paragraphs of your sales copy reinforce the headline, and convince readers to continue reading?

3 – Benefits
Does your sales copy sell the features or the benefits of your product or service? For example, does your site try to convince your readers that your vitamin C product is the best, or does your site try to convince your readers that your vitamin C product will give them the most health benefits?

4 – Call To Action
Does your sales copy clearly and compellingly tell your customer what action they should take after reading your website? (usually the desired action will be to buy your product)

5 – Assurances
Your prospects will only buy if they feel comfortable doing so. There are several things you can do to make them feel more comfortable buying from you, such as:

A: Displaying your picture
B: Displaying your contact data
C: A membership with the Better Business Bureau, etc
D: A Guarantee
E: A secure server logo

These 5 points are only a few of the most important parts of web copywriting. If you want to convert as many of your visitors as possible, study the art of copywriting and learn how to become a master copywriter!

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Million Dollar Copywriting

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Million Dollar Copywriting

Copywriting can be a very lucrative field and is for many writers out there today. Within this article today, we’ll focus on how you can make copywriting a strong field for you so that you have million-dollar copywriting.

The first key and developing million-dollar copywriting is to make sure that you have the right skills for the job. Many people will focus on copywriting as a potentially lucrative field but do not have the necessary experience or expertise for this area. When you are looking to make a great deal of money in copywriting, make sure that you have a solid base of copywriting experience before you start to sell your services. If you have a solid base of copywriting experience along with testimonials and references from past work, you will have a better chance at being able to set your own rate.

To ensure that you are doing a great deal of copywriting, you will want to make sure that you are consistently prospecting for new business. As you are working on your current business and making your high rates, you’ll always want to make sure that you have worked in the pipeline. This will ensure that you are able to consistently bring in high revenues while not having to have as much slow time at some other freelancers have.

To effectively develop and prospect for new business, you must make sure to have your own website and have proven marketing techniques so that you can develop your million-dollar copywriting skills. You may be the best copywriter in the world but without a demand, you will not have a chance to prove your skills or bring in the paychecks that you want and deserve. There are many copywriters today who still do not have a website but this is just another way for you to set yourself apart from the competition. Another way you can set yourself apart from the competition is to develop a niche. This could mean that you do a great deal of copywriting within the healthcare industry because you worked with in it for several years.

Hopefully this article on million-dollar copywriting will have a strong effect on you. Demand on copywriting comes down to the same fundamentals that all new businesses have: an ability to prospect and sell your company to others while building and maintaining a strong client base. You will develop a strong client base by providing great work so that clients will come back to you for repeat business. This will limit the amount of time that you potentially have to prospect for business because you will have clients who will have consistent demand for it. For a company to survive, they must market and marketing requires copywriting. Marketing and copywriting are as essential to a company as oxygen is to human beings. By developing a particular niche within a field, you will set yourself apart from others who are trying to do it all.

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SEO Copywriting Service

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SEO Copywriting Service

There are a great many companies that offer SEO copywriting service. This is a very competitive field but it is a growing field due to the demand and need for good web content. This article will focus on how you can sell SEO copywriting service.

The first key when talking about SEO copywriting service is to make sure that you have a good understanding of copywriting and experience within the field. Copywriting is a subject that takes a great deal of time to learn so you want to make sure that you have some experience and education before you start to go the route of SEO copywriting service.

SEO copywriting is a little different and more difficult than many other forms of copywriting due to the demands placed upon the writer. Often when you’re writing copy you are writing for a particular audience and know what the audience wants. This is where SEO copywriting can be a little more difficult is because you are writing for a couple of different audiences at the same time. You must walk the tightrope in being sure that the web content that you develop fits with what the search engines search bots are looking for when indexing sites but your web content must also entice your target audience to buy your products or services.

To become good at SEO copywriting service, you will want to focus on learning what the important keys to building a good website are. The first key is being sure that you have very good web content that the search bots are looking for and that your audience desires. The second key one is to make sure that you develop good back links. Back links are developed when other web sites link back to your web site. This helps the search bots find your website and index it potentially higher in the search engine rankings. There are many other factors that go into having a high page rank and being noticed by search engines but these are the two factors that stand out most in importance.

There are many different companies that offer this service so you will want to develop a particular niche in which you can focus. By learning the common steps of SEO copywriting, you will have a general basis to focus on many different industries but if you focused on one particular niche, this could allow you to have specialized knowledge in a competitive advantage over many other competing firms.

Hopefully this article on SEO copywriting service has been beneficial to you. This field can be difficult to learn about because you have to make sure that you know about copywriting but also how to put it in a format that fits for the Internet and allows your copy to excel. There’s a great deal more competition potentially on the Internet due to the fact that there are over 4 billion web pages out there. It can take a great deal of work to get a website indexed and noticed and this is where good SEO copywriting service comes into play.

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Website Copywriting Secrets for Major Success

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Website Copywriting Secrets for Major Success

It’s a fact that one website will pull many times the leads or sales as a competing website. What causes this large variance in results? It’s the copywriting on the website.

Here’s what we’ve learned works best from actual results and testing on dozens of websites we’ve done the copywriting for.

1. Make your website easy to “scan” with headlines, sub headlines, boxes, sections, colors and the like that give the reader the main benefits he will get. Almost all people are “scan first” or “scan only” readers. Your headlines and sub headlines should take advantage of this fact.

2. “Just Sell, Baby”. Websites have one main end purpose and that is to sell your products and/or services, to move people to action, to make money. In today’s high-tech world, most copywriting on websites forgets this vital fact and that is why they don’t perform better.

3. Tell the reader what he/she will LOSE if they do not take the recommended action. Fear of loss is a great motivator.

4. Build up excitement, enthusiasm, passion and urgency to get the reader to take the desired action right now. We analyzed the most successful copywriting we’d ever done back to 1978 and found it all had one thing in common: excitement. Yes, excitement is contagious and it sells!

5. Make a great offer to get their email address. In today’s overcrowded environment and with spam concerns, it’s not enough to just say “enter your email address for our newsletter”. You need to make a great offer including special reports, bonuses and the like in addition to your newsletter to get the maximum number of qualified signups.

6. Focus your copywriting because people want to buy from the expert specialists in a field. If your copy is too broad you will lose a lot of your best prospects, who of course, are the most likely to buy. A great way to do this is to have separated focused web pages for separate types of people or industries on your website.

7. Make your website as easy to use and find things as Amazon.com (for consumers) or Dell.com (for businesses). The copywriting and organization of these sites is a key reason they are ultra-successful.

8. Start thinking like your website reader (your prospect) and stop thinking like yourself (the marketer). Figure out what your prospect wants most from your products or services that they deliver, then come right out and tell him what benefits he’ll get, why, and what he needs to do now. Simple but it brings in Billions.

9. Test everything, measure it, use the winner, and always keep testing. This is the key to “optimizing” your website and all of your marketing. Don’t guess – test and let the only vote that matters (your prospects) tell you what works best.

10. Compare your product or service against your competitors to show and prove your superiority. We’ve used this secret very, very profitably for our clients.

11. Copywriting is king and queen for your website to sell the maximum number of people. The right copywriting can bring you up to double, even triple or more your current results for no additional marketing cost. Hire the best copywriter you can afford, and don’t skimp because this one-time investment can be the best investment you make.

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Copywriting Tips On The Internet

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Copywriting Tips On The Internet

Copywriting is one of the most important principles in having high search engine rankings. Other ways of doing things on the Internet are by no means as important as what copywriting is compared too.

Copywriting with a search engine it like having an ace in the hole. If you have something published the best way to have the best copy is through the use of the SEO system. As keywords are important, copywriting on the internet is different than copywriting or the publication of standards out in the world.

By capturing your market with powerful copywriting, It will help your web site profit and grow, as well as your ideas.
The use of Internet copywriting ensures that no one can take your ideas from the Internet or use them as their own. This specifically means, techniques, styles, or designs on a way you do things.

There are copywriting web sites that can offer consultations and creates a powerful campaign in sales and generating, with optimal results. These copywriting sites can also assist you in advertising copywriting and corporate communications. It is also capable of showing your business and marketing techniques. By translating technical terms into words consumers can understand.

Copywriting on the Internet gives you an experience that can gain hundreds of lead-generating and marketing communications with the business informational copying.

There’s also web site copywriting in which words that sell the best of the business marketing tools.

Copywriting is also a site about selling, because copywriting shows how well you can sell things. In advertising, copywriting is a key as well.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with advertising on your web site, as long as you are not duplicating what some else already has on their website. Ownership copywriting is a single demonstration of one’s own words. Originality is a quality for better sales on your website.

When copywriting the protection should begin when any described work is actually done and fixed by you. If people violate any type of copywriting laws even on the Internet it can cause monetary damages and is a definite violation, your web site could even be shut down completely.

Copywriting agencies and web sites assist you so that this doesn’t happen to you. You may have to pay a fee however, your original material is protected; as well as the fact that they can tell you whether or not someone else has the same type of material on another web site before you put it onto your web site.

Most web sites are not a matter of public domain. As far as graphics and other material on the web site it is copy written material. It using has a symbol depicting the fact as well. Right down to the java scripts that one might find on the web site. So be careful what you put on your web site and be sure it is all original material you are putting on your own website. Then you don’t run into the copywriting problems you will eventually incur upon yourself.

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Copywriting Assignments

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Copywriting Assignments

There are numerous methods for you to acquire copywriting assignments. Within this article day, will focus on different websites where you can acquire copywriting assignments as well as how to acquire clients who will bring you copywriting assignments.

There are many different online freelance marketplaces where you can acquire copywriting science. There are three particular websites which stand head and shoulders above most others. The first of these is www.guru.com. This is the biggest online freelance marketplace. He second of these three websites is www.elance.com. A third of these three websites is www.findafreelancer.com. Each of these websites has a search agent which can e-mail jobs based upon the desired search criteria which you would like. The third website is the European version of the first two. It is the smallest of the three but is still a significant source of good copywriting work. Most of the websites do usually charge a subscription fee, whether it be monthly or quarterly. This can be a great investment because you will have access to copywriting assignments that you would not normally have seen.

There are many other ways to acquire copywriting assignments other than using online freelance marketplaces. This is a place where you can use your creativity in selling yourself. Many companies in need of copywriting work will not normally look online first. They may go towards local contacts and sources that they have because they feel more comfortable using someone who they can physically meet with. You can take advantage of these needs by cultivating contacts within your region. Look into joining your Chamber of Commerce as well as other civic groups. Be sure to bring business cards with you and have a thirty second speech explaining what you do so that people remember what you do and who you are. Do not work at directly selling yourself to them at first but rather make the connection and allow them to come to you. People are more willing to do business with you when they actually know you rather then just a face on a website or an anonymous bid to a project that they post.

Another key when acquiring copywriting assignments is to make sure that you have a website. Many copywriters and professionals do not have a website and this can give you a competitive advantage. You can publish some of your past assignments on the Internet so that if people are interested, they can look at your website. You do not have to worry about e-mailing them any information and they will contact you if they’re interested. If you work on getting your site indexed, people searching the Internet for copywriting could also stumble across your website and provide in other source of leads for you.

When looking for copywriting assignments, the key is that you must sell yourself and think creatively outside of the box. If you set yourself up well, you will find that you will be inundated with work by consistently prospecting for new business using some of the techniques explained above.

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Top 10 Website Copywriting Secrets

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Top 10 Website Copywriting Secrets

Successful website copywriting is very different than traditional copywriting.

Based on what actually works best –and does not work– from writing dozens of websites for our clients, here are our Top 10 website copywriting secrets. If you apply them, your website will be a major marketing success for your business and its bottom line.

1 What’s in it for me? Why should I believe you? What do you want me to do and why should I?

Answer these questions immediately. The reader will leave your website unless these three questions are clearly answered in the beginning seconds

2. You must have a strong, reader-benefit headline. The headline is by far the most important part of your website as far as its effectiveness. The words used (ie the copywriting) must give a reader-benefits of your product or service , a big promise, a reward that the reader wants badly and as specific and concise as possible.

3. Focus your copywriting to accomplish one main goal, which should be to get the interested reader to call you or place their order.

By laser-focusing on one action you’d like to reader to do most, your copywriting will be targeted, specific and powerful.

Of course there will be other information and details on your website and you can have a secondary goal for the reader to email you or sign up for your newsletter or download a report … but focus mainly on te one specific action you ant the prospect to take.

4. Be exciting, informative, to the point, interesting. People will not read something that is is boring if they don’t have to. Make sure you avoid “corporate talk” that is loaded with “we” and general information the reader already knows.

5. Write mainly to get sales or leads; and not for the search engines. Your website may be listed high by search engine, but what good is that if it does not bring you leads and sales.

6. Encourage interested readers to telephone you. A good salesperson can sell much more effectively by talking to a prospect than by just emailing. Talking builds rapport, trust, and questions asked so it is customized to the prospects specific needs and wants.

7. Words Sell and graphics are secondary, so be sure to invest properly in the copywriting on your website.

8. Answer the concerns and objections the reader has. Make a list of frequently asked questions. Answer them for the reader on your website. Overcoming objections and concerns is what often clinches the sale.

9. Use proven winners for successful copywriting. These include reader benefit copywriting, be specific, tell the full story of why you are the best choice for the reader, use customer testimonials, make an offer, use a guarantee, get action now.

10. Hire the best copywriter you can afford because the copywriting on your website has the greatest effect on its success or failure. This is not the time to be cheap.

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